• Paws dog walking services

    Professional and reliable dog walking

    One of our experienced dog walkers will pick up your dog in our iconic London black taxi which has been tailored to transport our dogs around. Without a crate in sight, your dog will be free to move around the rear compartment, to sit, stand or even cuddle up to one of the other dogs.

    Your dog is in safe hands!

    Prior to providing any service, we offer a free, no obligation consultation where you can ask any questions and we can understand your requirements and any special needs your pet may have. We will also provide insurance documentation and clear criminal records check upon request.

  • Our Services

    We provide a wide variety of services but if you can't see what you're looking for, just ask us, we're always happy to help!

  • As a proud pack Leader of 3 dogs and a cat, we understand how important it is to find the right pet sitters and dog walker.  Our furry friends mean the world to us all so that's why we provide a tailored walking and care plan for each animal entrusted to us, taking into account their medical, social and personality needs! 

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  • We currently run 3 scheduled group walks a day and whilst the number of dogs within the walks will vary, the fun and excitement they enjoy never does!  We encourage off lead walking, only with your permission, so they can fully enjoy the freedom and social interaction the group walk brings. For your convenience, we also offer collection service.

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  • No-one wants or likes a badly behaved Pup however it doesn't have to be that way! We use tried and tested methods with all of our puppies to ensure they know how to behave and interact.  We cover anything from basic training to how they walk on a lead or how they behave around other dogs.  We will also incorporate any training practices you follow into our routine to present a unified approach. 

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  • This element of our service is so important.  We want all of dogs to get the most out of our walks and services, so it's really important to us that they know, or are taught, how to behave.  By introducing your puppy at the earliest opportunity to the rest of our pack, ensures they will have great social skills and know how to behave around dogs and humans alike.

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  • Whether you need someone to feed, water and play with your dog in the comfort of your home or you require us to care for your dog all day whilst you are at work, we understand there are times you need a helping hand.  We are flexible, reliable and are happy to tailor your Pet sitting service around your needs. 

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  • In addition to our dog day care, we also offer a service for your cats or other small mammals too. This service is completely tailored around your needs and as with all of our services, we offer a full consultation to establish the level of care your pet requires.  Whether it's just a daily feed and litter tray change or you would like them to have an hour a day cuddle and play too, no job is too big or too small!

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  • About Us

    My name is Karen O'Neil and with the help of my trusty dog walking team, I run a professional and fully insured, dog walking business.  In addition we also offer a variety of services for cats and small mammal. We provide a tailored walking or care plan for each animal entrusted to us, taking account of their medical, social and personality needs! 

    As proud pet guardians ourselves, we completely understand how important it is to get the right pet sitters and dog walker.  For this reason we offer a free, no obligation, face to face consultation, where you can ask us any questions you may have regarding our services or business practise, and where we can understand your requirements and access your pets needs. We can provide all public liability insurance and clear criminal record check documentation upon request.

    For our dog transportation, we use our own iconic London black taxi which has been tailored to transport the dogs around. This provides great air flow, allows for water to be provided at all times and has great comfort and space for them to relax whilst travelling to and from walks.  We operator a no crate policy, so your dog will be free to move around the rear compartment, to sit stand or lay down or maybe to cuddle up to one of the other dogs. New dogs travel in the front compartment until they have mixed and socialised with the other dogs.

    A ramp is available for the less agile dogs to allow for safe and easy access. We also carry a canine first aid kit, plenty of fresh water, clean towels and dog cleaning products as we would never return a dirty dog.  In addition we always carry plenty of small black bags so you are safe in the knowledge your dog's waste will always be disposed of responsibly. 

    Our aim is always to return you a happy but very tired dog!  If you would like more information or to arrange a consultation, call us today on 07933 601184.


  • What Our Clients Say

    A few words from some of our lovely owners.

  • Karen has walked our two Cocker Spaniels for nearly a year. At our initial meeting, she immediately put us at ease. She answered all our questions with confidence. Our boys were still puppies then and very excitable. She has helped no end with training Bertie and Barney and they love her! She's professional, reliable and above all else, trustworthy. We can't recommend her enough!

    Neill, Owner of Bertie and Barney.

  • Toby, my Rough Collie loves going for walks with Karen. He is always full of energy but after a nice walk he comes back happy and tired. Along with Toby, Karen also takes my Rottweiler Bully, he too is always happy and exhausted afterwards.

    Maureen, Owner of Toby and Bully.

  • I met Karen while walking my dog and I saw how well she managed her Pack. The dogs play together and stayed close or within ear shot while playing ball. I went over to ask if she could take my dog. Karen wanted to see if my dog would fit in with a pack and thankfully he did. Karen looks after him so well I am happy to leave him with her. Karen was a great find and I'm sure I wouldn't find a better person to walk my dog.