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  • Dog Walking

    Choosing a dog walker is a massive decision.  They are a huge part of your family and we understand you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

    Your dogs are in safe hands!

    We all have our own dog families, we love them whole-heartedly and would find it difficult to leave them with strangers so we completely understand that you need to be able to trust the person you leave them with.  We have years of dog handling experience under our belt and over time must have walked practically every breed of dog. This has given us a great basis to work from – we understand that each dog has different needs, and each breed has its own quirks and above all, they all have their own personalities.

    What you can expect from our service

    A reliable, trustworthy service – We pride ourselves in the service we provide.  We are reliable, dependable and flexible.  We take our time to get to know you and your pet and we never walk a dog without a prior consultation.  It’s vital we understand the medical, social and personality needs of your pet.  In addition, for your piece of mind, we are fully insured and all hold clean driving licenses.

    A dedicated care plan – we take all you pets requirements into account and provide them with care and walk plan according.  We inspect all walks prior to adding them to our walk list and we walk all of our dogs in accordance of their ability and energy levels.  We even have a ramp available for our less agile dogs to aid safe access.

    We really care – Your dog is our prime concern.  We get as much enjoyment from our dog walks as the dogs themselves, and whether you opt for a 1 on 1 walk or a group walk, it makes no difference in the care and attention they receive.  Our cab is fully stocked with fresh water, well deserved treats and clean towels for the mischievous ones!

    Our Promise

    We have never had a dog yet that hasn’t enjoyed a walk.  They all love the freedom, socialisation and attention they receive.  Above all else, we promise your dog will return tired, very happy and excited for their next walk!

  • Rates

    30 mins (Mon-Fri) £9
    30 mins (Sat-Sun) £11
    1 hour (Mon-Fri) £12
    1 hour (Sat-Sun) £14