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  • Group Walking

    Group walking has to be our most popular service.  Our main focus is the dog’s enjoyment and we have to say they are in their element!  It gives them a chance to play and socialise as well get the exercise they need to have healthy lifestyle.  It’s great fun for all and we love it just as much as the dogs.

    Our service

    We currently run 3 scheduled walks a day.  The walk sizes do vary however our pack will never have more than 6 dogs per walker. Also our walks are not weather dependant.  We are not scared of the weather so it doesn’t matter if it’s rain or shine, our walks will still run.  But never fear, we will always return your dog without a muddy paw in sight!

    What your dog can expect from a group walk.

    • Ability lead walks.  We always access the ability of each dog placed in our care to ensure their safety and enjoyment.  Our dogs have mixed abilities and whilst some have high energy levels, other dogs prefer a slower paced walk.  We cater for all and will select a walk that’s most appropriate to their needs ability.
    • Woodland Walks.  Whilst we love street walks, we prefer to let our pooches loose in a wooded area.  We vary our walks as much as possible, not that the dogs ever get bored! But it’s also a great way for them to exercise, socially interact and really feel the benefit of freedom the walk brings.
    • Collection service.  We offer a collection service for all our walks and this included in the walk fee.  To transport our pack members in style, we use a London black taxi which has been adapted to comfortably house the dogs.  We operate a crate free policy and allow the dogs to travel together in the rear compartment.  New dogs travel in the front compartment until they are fully mixed and socialised with the other pack members and return your dog in the same manner they left the house.
    • Off lead walking.  We want our dogs to receive the maximum benefit from our walks, so we always encourage off lead walking.  However we would only do this with your permission and once your dog has established basic recall commands with their walker and they are comfortable within the walk and the other pack members.
    • Responsible Dog Walking - For your piece of mind, we are always armed with plenty of dog bags to dispose of their waste appropriately.

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  • Rates

    130 mins (Mon-Fri) £9
    1 hour (Mon-Fri) £12
    230 mins (Mon-Fri) £13.50
    1 hour (Mon-Fri) £18
    More prices available on request