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  • Puppy Socialisation

    Dogs, in a way, are very similar to humans. They have to learn to interact and play with other dogs in a way that is safe and sociable. Teaching them these valuable skills at a young age is vital so that your dog may have an enjoyable upbringing.

    We put your Puppy first!

    Our service is very personal and our team work very hard to build a strong bond of trust and love with your dog. This is the basis of teaching your dog to socialise with and respect humans as well as dogs. We walk many dogs and over time, we have formed a community- a family if you like. With our help you pooch will make many life-long furry friends.

    In addition to regular walking sessions, we hold puppy socialisation walks. The main principle behind these walks are to encourage social interaction, and play in a pack environment. 

  • Benefits of Puppy Socialisation

    • Social skills- our specifically designed walks encourage interaction between dogs and teach them valuable social skills.
    • Play v learning – By encouraging the young puppies to play, it will reinforce any training methods that have implemented, such as recall.
    • Learnt behaviour- Although this walk is specific for puppies, we normally have a few older dogs to add balance to the pack but also the puppies will learn from our older, trained and well-behaved dogs, meaning that they can form a relationship based on respect.

    Contact us for further information on our Puppy socialisation walks.